Complete Guide to Modular Homes

Looking to build your dream modular home but unsure where to begin? You’re in the perfect spot. Here, we’ll provide an overview of the steps involved in taking your home from conception to completion. Discover the advantages of choosing a modular home and learn what you need to get started.

What is a Modular Home?

Modular homes are crafted off-site in an indoor, quality-controlled setting, assembled in units called modules. Once our team has completed construction, the modules are transported to a building site. From there, a skilled builder will integrate the modules into an on-site foundation.

And here’s the assurance: our modular homes meet, and often exceed, the standards set for traditional site-built homes. Ready to envision your dream home? Exploring floor plans is an excellent way to visualize a layout before committing to the design process.

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How are Modular Homes Different from Mobile Homes?

Many people confuse modular homes with mobile homes or doublewides. It’s a common mix-up. But it’s important to understand that these are two very different things.

Modular homes are built to the same building codes as site-built homes. In fact, the only common ground is that both involve transporting modules (units) to the build site.

Why Choose a Modular Home?

It’s clear that you have choices when it comes to your new home build. So what makes a modular home worth considering over other options?

Let’s look at some of the advantages of choosing a modular home over a traditional site built home:  


You save money on your new home since we purchase construction and building materials in bulk. This lowers the overall cost of your home.


Our modular homes boast a lower carbon footprint, thanks to off-site engineering and pre-building. Less environmental impact, less waste, and enhanced energy efficiency – a win for your home and the planet.


Your new modular home will be built with the most durable materials available. As your home will be brand new, you avoid the risk of hidden problems that could arise from buying a used home.


Tailor your space to reflect your style. Modern, classic, spacious, or simple – the choice is yours. Our modular homes offer a high degree of customization for a home that truly feels like yours.


Homeownership is an excellent investment. And, opting for a modular home means making a solid investment at a lower cost compared to on-site construction or existing homes.

Getting Started on a Modular Home Build

Imagine you’ve committed to building a modular home. Let's look at some of the initial steps you’d need to take to get started. Rest assured, our team is here to help you navigate this process.


After identifying the priorities of your modular home layout, setting a budget is the next step. First you need to ask yourself a series of questions, which include: 

Talk to a Builder

The first step would be to find a builder in your area. The builder will be the general contractor for the full project. They’ll help manage all aspects of your home, including creating floor plans, assembling the modules, and finishing your home. If you don’t have a builder already, we can help connect you with one in your area.

Select your Modular Home Model

Next, select your floor plan. At Rochester Homes, we offer a variety of plans and layouts. Each plan differs in its features and specifications. When deciding on a plan, keep important factors, such as insulation, heating, plumbing, electrical systems, and interior finishing in mind. Your builder will be an excellent resource throughout this process.

Remember, each floor plan can be customized to suit your needs. These customizations can range from kitchen faucets to structural options and everything in between.

Setting your Budget

After identifying the priorities of your modular home layout, setting a budget is the next step. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long do you plan to stay in the home?
  • Do you want to flip the house in a few years?
  • What do you need to have in your home right now?
  • What can wait to be purchased 6 months from now?
  • Will the house have enough space for all residents, family included?
  • Does your home’s style fit the neighborhood and does its design have longevity?

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How Much Does a Modular Home Cost?

Undoubtedly, you’re wondering how much your new home will cost. Ultimately, the final cost of your modular home will be decided between you and the builder you choose. Additional factors can impact your cost, including:

  • Property site
  • Site preparation
  • Customizations
  • Utility connections
  • Local fees and taxes

We encourage you to contact a builder to discuss how a Rochester Homes modular home could work for your budget.

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