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The Rochester Way

At Rochester we prefer easy versus hard so that is why we have simplified the process of purchasing and building a home. Just follow the graphic below!

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We’ll be your guide

Rochester Homes will assist you in finding a licensed building professional to guide you through the purchasing and construction process.

So, lets get started...

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After prequalification, a budget is set so you know exactly what you can afford.

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Preparing a Lot

Land tests are executed and a site inspection will take place. If you do not already have a building lot, a suitable plot of land is purchased, often with the assistance of your builder.

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According to your precise input, your dream home is designed by Rochester Homes’ skilled engineering department. Third party engineering approval is acquired and plans are delivered to you for final sign-off.

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Closing construction to permanent loan financing is secured through a lending institution of your choice.

Construction can begin immediately.

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The Workflow

Construction inside Rochester Homes facility begins as well work on the jobsite happens simultaneously

Hover over a step below!

  • Modular units are constructed offsite 60-90% complete
  • Units are delivered to the jobsite on specially designed carriers
  • Onsite construction begins with lot clearing, footers, foundation, electrical, well, septic etc…
  • Home is set on to a permanent perimeter foundation
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The countdown begins the moment your home is in production!

  • Onsite finishing of home
  • Installation of mechanicals
  • Inspection of onsite work by building officials
  • Certificate of occupancy/final walk-thru

Typically the process is complete 60 to 120 days from the day of setting.

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Your final destination, start enjoying your dream home that will be your stage for living for years to come!

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