Image for Controlled Environment

Controlled Environment

Date: Jul, 2017

All homes built by Rochester are constructed away from the harmful effects of the weather in a climate...

Image for Custom Home Construction Time Period

Custom Home Construction Time Period

Date: Jul, 2017

Rochester homes come to the jobsite anywhere from 60-90% complete according to the complexity of the...

Image for Customization


Date: Jul, 2017

Rochester Homes does have numerous ranch, cape and two story floor plan designs from which to choose...

Image for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Date: Jul, 2017

Rochester Homes is committed to using energy efficient and sustainably resourced building methods and...

Image for Name Brand Materials

Name Brand Materials

Date: Jul, 2017

Building a new home utilizing modular construction techniques requires purchasing the same general materials...

Image for Quality Control

Quality Control

Date: Jul, 2017

The quality control process actually begins with the inspection of received materials. Wood is measured...

Image for Specifications


Date: Jul, 2017

Rochester Standard Ranch SpecificationsRochester Standard Cape Cod SpecificationsRochester Standard Two...